Spiritual Nurture

Learning Our Faith (LOF)

meets on Sunday mornings following morning worship to discuss issues of faith and spirit. Since faith is a journey and the spirit needs its own nourishment this group enjoys sharing thoughts, experiences, ideas and possibilities.  


meets on Sunday mornings, following morning worship at 11:15 am, to discuss current events and life issues through the eyes of faith. The group enjoys friendship and support as they learn from one another and share. Everyone is invited to join and be part of the journey.

Weekly Bible Study/Book Discussion

meets on Wednesdays at 9:00 am to learn, discuss and share. The group is currently reading When the Rain Speaks by Melannie Svoboda. Everyone is welcome to join!

Spiritual Retreat - Winter and Spring

Twice a year, a group of us takes time to get away for 24 hours, for spiritual care and nourishment as well as rest and rejuvenation at Sinsinawa Mound Center. Both in winter and spring a theme is picked for reflection and sharing. We enjoy time together and time apart, good food and conversation, beautiful scenery and simple accommodations. During these retreats we are nurtured in mind, body and spirit, as individuals and as community. Everyone is invited.