Who We Are

We are a progressive Christian community called to be a A Sacred Place to Inspire Faith and Nurture Compassion. 

We are committed to follow Jesus and walk in his footsteps, and to live with open hearts to be guided by the Holy Spirit, so that transformed we can transform the world into God's realm. 

Here are 13 things about us you might like to know:

1. We are an Open and Affirming community where every person is welcomed regardless of background, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and physical ability.


2. We take the Bible seriously but not literally. We hear God still speaking today, in our world, not only through the Bible but also through many surprising ways.


3. We are on a spiritual journey. Faith is the road. The Spirit is our guide. Jesus is the One we follow.


4. We treasure children and youth. We embrace them as they walk the journey, learning the faith and growing in spirit and in service.


5. Worship is a celebration, an experience of Sabbath and gratitude as well as joy, inspiring mind, body and spirit.


6. Our faith calls us to reach beyond our walls as we give and serve especially to those who are in need both in our community and beyond.


7. We strive to be place of grace, a safe, caring, compassionate community where every person matters, where gifts are nurtured and hearts are mended.


8. We celebrate diversity and pluralism of all kinds. Many of us come from a variety of religious traditions. We appreciate diversity of thought, opinion, experience and background and are enriched by it.


9. We seek to build community as we study the Bible, read books, cook for receptions and mission, play ping pong, sing in the choir or the band, and participate in spiritual retreats or the LGBTQ group. The opportunities for connecting are endless!

10. We are called to take care of not only one another but also our planet earth, the environment and the universe. We strive to live with awareness in being green and working for environmental justice.

11. People can hold different opinions and interpretations of scripture and still be faithful and worship together. 

12. We are a UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST congregation, a progressive denomination with a history of faith and social justice. Click here to learn more about the UCC.

13. We celebrate different faith traditions, educating ourselves and one another in a variety of spiritual paths with the hope that one day the world will learn peace and harmony not only among people but all creation.