Facilities Use

St John UCC offers a warm welcome to community groups who wish to use our facility.

We are happy to offer hospitality and share our space with our mission partners, persons or groups who:

•    hold beliefs and values consistent with the faith,
ethics and values of this church;
•    affirm and enhance the dignity of people
and the experience of community.

Please click here to access Facilities Use form and fee information. 

A marriage has its essence in the gift of love based on the faithfulness of God's love for all. 

A marriage ceremony is the celebration of that love as spouses make a commitment to one another, promising to walk life's journey together.

We at St John celebrate and perform wedding ceremonies for couples who wish to commit to one another in faith. Before a wedding can be scheduled, our Pastor will meet with you to discuss expectations and details.

Please click on the image for wedding form and fee information.

Memorial Services

In the face of death, only words of comfort and peace are appropriate. The death of a loved one renders us broken and grieving.

We, in the church, offer love and support and will do everything possible to work with you and create a service that will celebrate the life of your loved one.

Please call the church office for additional details and fee information.