St. John has a very eclectic music ministry. There is definitely something for everyone!

Sanctuary Choir

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. -Hugo

Hugo's words sound true to us. A choir's harmony and notes resonate with our hearts. Music touches us in a different way than words do. 

Our Sanctuary Choir brings us traditional, contemporary, spiritual, as well as classical pieces. You can hear them at least 3 times a month.

The choir's music enriches our worship experience, inspiring us to raise our voices in praise and thanksgiving to God.

Bell Choir

Our Handbell choir spreads joy and peace through its harmony and sound. Their's is true teamwork as each bell is a note in the harmony and a sound in the symphony.

The Handbells inspire us at least one Sunday a month. If you have not heard a bell choir there is something beautiful about listening to the sound of bells that come together in beautiful harmony. We promise, it will make your soul sing! 

Sounds of the Spirit

Sounds of the Spirit (SOS) is one of our sources of energy and inspiration as the band shares with us contemporary gospel, acoustic and a variety of songs.

Since music speaks to us in different ways than words, we celebrate the variety of musical expressions in our church community.

The band celebrates with voices, instruments, and percussion. The harmony and rhythm they create and share brings energy and vitality to our worship celebration.

Carl A. Cole

Because music inspires us and we appreciate a variety of styles, On the Fourth  Sunday of each month we are joined in music ministry by the unique style of Carl and Dianna Cole, as they lead us in song, bringing a special energy and flair to our hymns, musical selections, solos and duets.

The Coles are well known for their ministry through SOUNDS OF GOOD NEWS Productions, an inspirational communications organization focusing on life enhancement through music, arts, poetry, drama and journalism, in the Greater Rockford area and beyond.

Carl started playing piano at church when he was young. His mother organized the seven kids into the "Singing Coles."  Dianna also grew up in a family of ministers and singers. Together, Carl and Dianna, along with their son Andrew with his multi-talents in drums, bass, keyboards and secret signing, continue to minister in churches, in the larger community especially with youth.

Carl is an ordained minister, an Elder in the Church of God In Christ.