We believe we are called to touch lives not only in our immediate, local community but also in the larger world in need.

Our mission partners include:

Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM) is a denomination fund to which we contribute to do mission outside of our walls.The funds go to UCC Associations, Conferences and to the national and global church and are invested in programs, resources, and tools needed to keep local UCC churches strong, effective, and growing. OCWM helps provide pastoral placement and education for church leaders; worship materials and theological interpretation; resources and training for stewardship and fundraising; and so much more.

Back Bay Mission is a community ministry of the UCC which meets the needs of those suffering from poverty and its effects while building pathways to social justice. We lead the way in delivering services, creating collaborative solutions, and transforming lives through mission immersion experiences.

Child sponsorship at Rawdat El Zuhur, a haven for Palestinian children in Jerusalem, through the Global Ministries. Rawdat El Zuhur reaches children, especially the underprivileged, providing quality pre- and basic schooling, equitable opportunities for all children.

CUE Seminaries includes Chicago Theological Seminary, United Seminary, New Brighton, MN, and Eden Seminary, St Louis. CUE is a regional program that brings together 2,000 United Church of Christ churches in mid-America in support of our three UCC seminaries of the region to equip prophetic and compassionate leaders for ministry and provide financial support for theological education.

Emmaus Homes is a faith based organization that provides around the clock services to more than 250 adults with developmental disabilities in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Emmaus Home is a related to the United Church of Christ and is a partner in ministry.

LGBT Asylum Ministry is a task force of dedicated volunteers in Central Massachusetts who provide support to those seeking political asylum in the U.S. based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Asylum seekers are vulnerable and traumatized individuals who have fled to the U.S. in fear of being killed or harmed in their countries of origin due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Such violence resulting from homophobic laws in many countries in the world is rampant.